Reviews of “The Death Gap”

“Ansell does a magnificent job of uncovering the myriad ways in which structural racism — in housing, employment, education, and health care, for a start — creates unacceptable ‘death gaps’ or disparities in life expectancy that are preventable and therefore morally unacceptable.  This moving study delivers the harsh truth about the ways that racism infects our nation’s health care system, and it does so with passion and eloquence.  One comes away from Death Gap feeling inspired to act, and that’s a rare and wonderful accomplishment.”

Beryl Satter
Author of Family Properties: How the Struggle over Race and Real Estate Transformed Chicago and Urban America

The Death Gap describes critical health inequalities in the United States, which are drawn from Ansell’s  gripping first-person experiences as a leading practitioner operating in Chicago’s medical safety net. He reveals the profound inequalities, particularly racial inequalities, that generate tremendous differences in lifespan and well-being across neighborhoods, and he provides powerful patient anecdotes that provide a human face to otherwise abstract challenges.”

Harold Pollack
University of Chicago

The Death Gap